AM Law

AM Law is a full-service law firm that advises clients on a broad range of matters, from family, probate, criminal, personal injury, and personal debt recovery, to international arbitrations, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, commercial agreements, asset tracing, and enforcementactions.

Corporate and Commercial

We serve private, local and multinational companies in almost every sector of the economy. Our services cover all aspects needed in the establishment and operation of a legal entity in Indonesia, including making investment approval applications and business permits, as well as compiling Articles of Association and other company documents. ADITYA MULYA LAW is also active in the field of joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions of various businesses and companies, and corporate restructuring.

Dispute Litigation and Completion

We act on behalf of corporate clients in dispute resolution negotiations and represent clients in administrative and arbitration hearings. When needed, if things that we handle develop into a dispute and the client wants to proceed to the court, we can handle the case for the client in court.


In the field of immigration law and employment, we provide consultations regarding applications for residence permits and work permits for foreign workers; making employee contracts; personnel affairs policies and their implementation; working conditions and legislation regarding severance pay; relations with trade unions and collective labor contracts; agreement regarding seconded employees and contract workers; negotiations and layoff agreements; pension fund; agreement on social security; and labor disputes. In the case of labor disputes, our services include representing clients in the Industrial Relations Court if needed.

Family Law

AM Law can help if you’re separated and seeking child support or experiencing domestic violence or trying to get custody or access to your children.

We have a growing number of family law service centres across the province that can help with a number of family matters.

We Can Help with:

  • family court documents
  • support orders from the Family Responsibility Office, which collects, distributes and enforces court-ordered child and spousal support payments
  • procedural motions like when you’re trying to serve your claim and the other person has either moved and you can’t find them, or you think the person knows you’re trying to serve the claim and is avoiding you
  • support where the other person lives outside
  • drafting a declaration—which is a written statement that you sign and declare to be true before an authorised witness
  • in limited cases, uncontested divorces
  • referrals to lawyers who can provide advice
  • mediation and settlement conferences
  • referrals to other social service agencies